Who are we ?

FISNA or French International Schools in North America is a network of 54 schools located in Canada and the United States, which implement the French curricula, and employ a majority of teachers who are qualified in the French National Education system. These schools also are truly international: in addition to enrolling French and Northern American students, they welcome students from a wide range of countries from around the world. Instruction is offered in at least two languages, French and English, and oftentimes in a third language as well.  

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Welcome to the FISNA (French International Schools in North America) website! Our site will provide you with useful information about French National Education curriculum schools located in Canada and in the United States. It has been designed with a wide audience in mind, and may be of interest whether you are a current student, an alumnus, a parent, a teacher, an administrator the head of a FISNA school, or if you are looking for the best possible school for your child(ren), you are applying to work at one of the FISNA schools, or even if you are simply curious to learn more about the characteristics of these North American schools, which are both French and international. » Click here to read more