FISNA schools offer their students a bilingual/multilingual education starting at the pre-K level.

Numerous studies are conclusive: learning one or several languages promotes cognitive, social and professional development.

Bilingual or multi-lingual students are more successful in school than their monolingual counterparts; learning languages improves their mental flexibility, concentration, creativity and memory. These students are also better at multitasking and problem solving. These are lifelong advantages.


Bilingual and multilingual students grow up with a mind open to the world and develop intercultural competencies. They aspire to become responsible and committed citizens.

Once out of high school, bilingual and multilingual students accèdent à de meilleures opportunités d’études, de carrière et d’évolution professionnelle.

Choosing a FISNA school means ensuring your child will benefit from a quality education that will positively impact their whole life.

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