The North American Zone Strategic Plan aims at providing the French schools within it with a working framework. The plan offers the flexibility to adjust to the schools’ strategic plans, while respecting each school’s specificities.

The Plan defines a number of shared priorities, which underpin the homologation, i.e. the accreditation granted by the French Ministry of Education, and offers some adaptations to the Zone’s characteristics.

These priorities are set by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education (MENESR) and Research and by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

They take into account the Zone’s s environment regarding its operating specificities and pedagogical practices:

These priorities shape five multi-year courses of action, each including a number of assessable goals:

  • Aiming for linguistic and cultural excellence in French and in English;
  • Customizing pedagogical practices and personalizing the learning paths
  • throughout schooling (elementary-, middle- and high-school levels) ;
  • Developing continuity in learning from pre-K 1 to the end of middle
  • school by referring to the Common Foundation of knowledge and skills ;
  • Fixing the high school years as a preparation to pursuing higher
  • education training in North America and France ;
  • Reinforcing cohesion throughout the North American Zone.