The French national brevet diploma (diplôme national du brevet or DNB) is both an assessment and a certification of the knowledge and skills acquired at the end of middle school. The assessment is mostly continuous throughout middle school, with one oral exam and three written exams at the end of 9th grade.


  • One written exam with three parts: French language, mathematics, history and geography – civics (each part has a weight of 2)
  • One oral exam on history of the arts, which takes place in the student’s school (weight 2)
  • Grades obtained in the continuous assessment throughout the year in 9th grade: all the subjects except for history-geography-civics. Total weight: 10.
  • The validation of the skills required in the common core.
  • For the optional elective (Latin, Greek), only the grade points over the 10 out of 20 average are added to the total of the points from the other subjects.

In order to obtain the French national brevet diploma, students must have an overall grade average of 10/20 accross all their grades and have validated their common core skills. Based on the overall grade, students may receive a distinction: fairly high, high or very high.