For the 14 700 Baccalauréat holders from French schools abroad, France offers the opportunity to take advantage of their intercultural experience in one of the best higher education systems in the world.

Sixty-eight percent of these Baccalauréat holders will apply to French higher education institutions. The AEFE network students’ excellent passing rate on the Baccalauréat (96 % of whom 72 % with distinction) is a major asset for the realization of their higher education plans.


Designed as a handbook for students and their families, the booklet entitled “Studying in France post-Baccalauréat” (“Étudier en France après le baccalauréat”), which is the result of a collaboration between the AEFE and the Campus France Agency, draws up a thorough and useful overview of higher education in France, including admission criteria and enrolment procedures.