The American higher education system is characterized by its great diversity, both in the variety of programs offered and in the many types of institutions that exist. At the beginning of this fall term, there were approximately 4700 higher education institutions in the United States, among which 35% are public, 35% are private not-for-profits, and 30% are private for-profits. There are over 20 million students in the United States, 8 million being part-time. The cost of tuition is very high in this country and the question of student debt has become a serious issue, which necessitates to be solved urgently.

American universities are very well represented in international rankings, and the best among them are very attractive, therefore very selective. Outside of the one hundred to one hundred and fifty best American universities, there are a great many excellent higher education institutions with a great variety of programs suited for all kinds of students and all kinds of plans.
Admission into an American university results from a two-sided selection process: selection of their future students by the universities, and also selection of the universities by the students. Ideally, both selections would coincide.